Operations Manager

Long manages all aspects of the Orphan Impact operation. Whether he is ensuring that the entire fleet of Classmate PCs is running smoothly, or managing the ever syncing shared folder of teacher's lesson plans, Long keeps everyone at Orphan Impact organized. Because all staff also have teaching responsibilities, Long is also responsible for teaching 3 classes of students at the Tam Binh Orphanage.
Lead Teacher, Linh Xuan

In addition to teaching 4 classes of students in Vung Tau and Linh Xuan, Bang is the Orphan Impact in-house "curriculum expert". She can regularly be found brainstorming fun ways to incorporate VoiceThread or ClassDojo into project-based learning exercises. Bang does a great job of encouraging participation among the children and cultivating a classroom environment that is both fun, yet challenging.
Lead Teacher, Can Tho

Having spent much of her own childhood living in an orphanage, Ngoc has great compassion for the special needs of a child growing up in an institutional setting. Ngoc joined Orphan Impact as an experienced computer trainer for adult learners. She quickly adapted her teaching style to the student-centered approach favored by Orphan Impact and does a great job teaching the children in Can Tho.
Project Coordinator

In 2008, Tad started Orphan Impact as a way to help Vietnamese orphan children learn critical computer and internet skills to be better prepared for their futures beyond the orphanage. Tad, who has 3 sisters who were adopted from Vietnam, has a great love Vietnam - especially for the orphan children.