Orphan children in Vietnam are ready to realize their potential.
Leaving the orphanage with high level computer skills is a great start!

Here's an example of social entrepreneurship in action: Tad Kincaid is an American who runs an amazing organization in Vietnam called Orphan Impact. As in many third-world countries, the future for an orphan in Vietnam is usually not too bright as most are not adopted and have to fend for themselves once they are old enough to leave the orphanage. Lacking work skills, many Vietnamese orphans are destined to a life of poverty....continue reading the article

"I feel very happy that somebody comes here for me, that somebody cares for me," said Hanh Dung, an eager 15-year-old in a white school uniform who rushed back to the orphanage from her half-day public school class to sit all afternoon in a sweltering room to learn about computers. "I feel happy and loved."...continue reading the article

Q: How can the skills you teach help the orphans in career opportunities?
A: We want to leave the kids in a situation where they can ask and answer questions. These kids are isolated. They don't have parents. They don't have teacher that pay attention to them or help them to think about what comes next. We want to begin helping them to take steps in this direction...continue reading the article