As we have added more orphanage partners in recent years, our program has begun to reach children in very remote locations, where opportunities for the children are much more limited than they are in the cities. With one of our core objectives to use technology to connect children to a big world around them, we are very pleased to be seeing this impact occur in remote regions of Vietnam.


We were worried that growing our project to include more students would lower the quality we could deliver in the classroom on a weekly basis. But the reality has been that increasing our numbers has required us to streamline our program, yielding a more consistent program delivery across orphanages – meaning our quality has been maintained, but now we are able to motivate, teach, and impact a lot more students.


Our teachers know that the greater their connection with students, the more likely it is we can make an impact in helping these children develop confidence to face their future with a sense of optimism. Our train-the-trainer model has helped our teaching staff grow from 5 to 10 to 45 in recent years – all of whom excel in facilitating a student-centered learning environment.


Every week our Curriculum Team huddles together for 2 days to brainstorm and build 3 new lessons for weekend computer classes. Each lesson must be engaging and interactive, while meeting strategic academic goals that connect to our curriculum. We have 4 full years of curricula with incredible lessons in coding, robotics, science, and digital literacy.


We work hard to keep our costs down, while working to maintain and effective and efficient operation model. With an average program expense of $170 per participating student, we believe we are providing program value to our donors who choose to “invest” in our mission for children growing up in Vietnamese orphanages.


Our transition from Classmate PCs to Chromebooks has been a positive move. The Chromebooks have proven to be less expensive per unit, more popular with the students, and easier to manage and maintain as our fleet has grown. We love our Chromebooks and their ease of use has allowed more learning – leading to greater impact!